Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Aquarius Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign (August 22, 2021)

Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Aquarius Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign (August 22, 2021)

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Your Full Moon In Aquarius Horoscope & Reflection, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Lights. Camera. Action! The sun continues to beam through its sign of rulership, Leo, and there’s nothing this fixed fire sign loves more than turning up the heat. The sun is our greatest source of energy, and a symbol of our soul’s purpose. What did you learn about yourself this season? Where do these fixed fires come to life in your birth chart? Leo’s authenticity, courage and sparkling charisma never ceases to light up the room, and as if this weren’t enough reason to celebrate, the cosmos gifted us with not one, but two full moons this season. As you know, nothing is ever *really* over until it’s over, and the upcoming full blue moon in Aquarius is here to prove it. In other words, Leo season started with a bang and let’s just say, it isn’t going out without one either. Now, before dissecting the energy of this rare lunation, let’s take a closer look at the astro-weather.

After the new moon in Leo on Aug. 8—AKA the “Lion’s Gate Portal”—Mercury the messenger made its annual debut in the meticulous sign of Virgo on Aug. 11, bringing our attention to themes that revolve around our productivity levels, and general efficiency. Are you wasting time trying to read between the lines? There’s a fine line between problem solving vs. actually finding a practical solution. The way we process information is highlighted during this time which, in turn, sharpens our mental process. Savvy Mercury thrives when transiting through Virgo, because in addition to being its sign of rulership, it also presents us with the opportunity to analyze situations practically and methodically. The catch? Mercury in Virgo can be hypercritical and a bit fussy when it comes to the details. Don’t overthink, and stay grounded with your approach. If you’re in the process of persevering towards a personal and/or professional goal, focus on getting your facts straight first. Analyze, and observe.

On Aug. 16, Venus will conclude her journey through Virgo, and make her dazzling entrance in harmony-seeking Libra, AKA her sign of rulership. This always feels like a breath of fresh air, especially when it comes to compromising, crushing, and relationship discovery in general. How do you relate to others? What inspires your one-on-one connections? Diplomatic and justice-seeking, flirting and socializing is Venus in Libra’s favorite pastime. More importantly, however, this is an opportunity to engage, connect, and bring harmony to our lives. Fast forward to Aug. 19, when change-maker Uranus kicks off its retrograde journey through slow-and-steady Taurus. Trying to find logic in the chaos? Uranus retrograde allows us to process some of the changes we’ve been experiencing, and at a more comfortable pace. Hint: This is important to keep in mind during this time, as the upcoming full moon will be celestially fueled by Uranus Retrograde. In fact, both Saturn and Uranus rule Aquarius, and they’re both retrograde.

Before the sun joins Mercury in Virgo, it will *once again* directly oppose the moon via 29 degrees of Aquarius, for a full blue moon. Do keep in mind, there’s a difference between a calendrical blue moon and an astrological blue moon: While the calendrical blue moon occurs for a second time in a month, the astrological blue moon occurs for a second time during a solar season.  With that being said, there’s something undeniably auspicious about this lunation. For instance, in addition to its rare occurrence—being an astrological blue moon and all—the moon will sit alongside Jupiter Retrograde, AKA the Greater Benefic planet. The seeds of intention we’ve planted all throughout 2021 are growing rapidly, but there’s also more to this. With the sun in Leo—a symbol of our soul’s purpose, heart’s desires and physical identity—this has a lot to do with learning how to continue walking towards our truth, without becoming stifled by external circumstances.

This lunation will sit at 29 degrees of Aquarius, which also happens to be a critical/anaretic degree in astrology. Starting at zero and ending at 29, this suggests the conclusion and/or grand finale of a significant phase in our lives. Now, whether it be personally or professionally, it’s easy to feel overly analytical—especially with Mercury in Virgo, and the moon-Jupiter-Saturn retrograde through Aquarius—but this is precisely where Leo’s roaring courage comes in. Being yourself means following your heart, and being authentic with your passions. The real question is, how can you integrate this with your place in the world? Both Aquarius’ modern ruler, Uranus, and its co-ruler, Saturn, are retrograde, so themes surrounding our value systems and structures are coming up for review during this time. On a brighter note, Uranus’ harmonious connection to Mars-Mercury in Virgo, increases our productivity levels and overall desire to see results in the process. Stay grounded whilst reaching for the stars.

Last but certainly not least, a Grand Air Trine—featuring Venus in Libra, Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius, and the North Node in Gemini—is the “cherry” on top of the blessing. The element air has everything to do with the way we analyze, brainstorm, communicate, and socialize. The synergy that occurs during a Grand Air Trine feels easy and breezy, but it’s up to us to use this energy in a productive way. All in all, combining this with the full moon’s culmination, this is an excellent time to plan ahead, visualize your future, and engage with your peers. 

Read below your full moon in Aquarius horoscope & reflection, according to your zodiac sign:

Your social circles are poppin’ and you’re making quite an impression on your peers, Aries. Luna reaches her peak for part deux in Aquarius via your eleventh house of associations, community, future visions, and sense of belonging in the world, but this is just the beginning of what’s to come. Meanwhile, Saturn’s connection to Venus in Libra and the North Node in Gemini highlights the bonds you’ve cultivated, both personally and professionally. Keep in mind, with your red-hot planetary ruler, Mars in Virgo making a harmonious alignment to Uranus in Taurus, everything from your day-to-day rituals to your value systems are overdue for an upgrade. There’s no such thing as another you, and you’re finally realizing that. Full Moon Reflection: How have your future aspirations, social status, and sense of security evolved in the past six months?

Your reputation may or may not be the most conventional, and it’s because you’re here for a reason, Taurus. Two time’s a charm? This month’s full blue moon will ignite your bossy tenth house of authority, legacy, and destiny in the world, bringing abundance, expansion, and progress to themes surrounding your professional life. You’ve come this far, and there’s no stopping you now. Besides, with Mercury-Mars sizzling through your fifth house of love, passion, praise, and self-expression—while in harmony with Uranus in your sign—you’re well aware of the work you’ve put into this venture. Moreover, with your planetary ruler, Venus, dazzling your responsible sixth house of due diligence, you’re taking pride in your craftsmanship and hard work. Celebrate your wins, rockstar. Full Moon Reflection: Does having more freedom in your professional life help you become rooted?

You’re being guided to take the leap, Gemini. Luna’s close proximity to Jupiter Retrograde—the ruler of your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and significant others—brings closure, clarity, and expansion to everything from your worldly pursuits, to the desire to explore other horizons. It’s almost as if you’ve finally discovered your sense of direction and let’s just say, this moment has been a long time coming. The sun will also conclude its journey through your curious third house of communication, peers, and local community, energizing and revitalizing this area of your life. Where to next? Expect the unexpected when in regard to your inner foundations, as Mercury-Mars will trine Uranus via your unconscious twelfth house of surrender. You’re healing, releasing, and setting yourself free. Full Moon Reflection: How have your belief systems and personal vistas revolutionized in the past six months?

Energy flows where intention goes, Cancer. Luna will reach her peak via Aquarius for a second time this month, activating your intimate eighth house of sex, joint ventures, soul-to-soul connections, and karmic patterns. Conjunct Jupiter Retrograde and in close proximity to Saturn, this lunation will bring a significant chapter of your life to a close. Everything from your financial collaborations to the people, places, and situations you’ve invested in will come up for review. Meanwhile, with Mercury-Mars sizzling through your curious third house of communication whilst in harmony with Uranus via your eleventh house of society, your social status and aspirations are *finally* seeing the fruits of your hard labor. Did you really doubt this would happen? Your Leo-like quirks (second house) have always been your money maker. Full Moon Reflection: Do your commitments, collaborations, and investments hold space for your individual truth? 

Take a closer look at your surroundings, Leo. A full moon will touch down on your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, one-on-one relationships, and significant others, bringing closure, clarity, and celebration to this area of your life. Having said that, your ability and/or lack thereof to show up for your significant other(s) and vice versa will be top of mind during this time. Conjunct Jupiter Retrograde—the ruler of your fifth house of love, passion, and self-expression—this lunation brings forth the opportunity to expand your horizons, especially in regards to your love life and passion projects. A Grand Air trine between Venus, Saturn Retrograde, and the North Node catapults you forward, and perhaps into a significant collaboration of sorts. The key is to keep your options open. Full Moon Reflection: What type(s) of connection(s) have you been manifesting as of late?

Create enough space in your day to thrive, and live your best life, Virgo. Luna will peak for part deux in Aquarius via your responsible sixth house of wellness, due diligence, daily rituals, and acts of service, bringing everything from your work routine to your general well being up for review. Expansion and progress awaits, especially with Luna’s conjunction to Jupiter Retrograde, and close proximity to Saturn Retrograde. Keep in mind, with Mercury-Mars transiting through your sign, chances are you’re feeling incredibly focused and passionate. The way you assert yourself and approach situations is being highlighted during this time, so use your energy and discernment wisely. Full Moon Reflection: How can you revolutionize your daily rituals while staying passionate and productive?

Pleasure comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes, Libra. And with the full moon activating your romantic fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, and self-expression, themes surrounding your creativity, happiness, and love language are bound to become top of mind during this time. Conjunct Jupiter Retrograde and in close proximity to Saturn Retrograde, this lunation could very well bestow you with a sense of fulfillment, and perhaps even recognition when in regards to your talents. Keep in mind, amidst your planetary ruler, Venus’, journey through your sign, it will link up with Saturn Rx and the North Node in Gemini. What’s next on your bucket list? Let the energy of this full blue moon be your muse. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of self-promo. Full Moon Reflection: How has your personal and professional brand evolved in the past six months?

It’s time to turn the page, Scorpio. A full blue moon will illuminate your domestic fourth house of home, family, innermost feelings, and emotional foundations for a second time in a row, bringing closure, clarity, and celebration to themes surrounding everything from your sense of nurture, to the desire to become more rooted. Conjunct Jupiter Retrograde and sitting close to Saturn Retrograde, this is an opportunity to reflect on the overall “progress” you’ve made when it comes to matters of the household. Whether it be in regard to healing ancestral patterns or upsizing your living space, something is *finally* coming to fruition. Your traditional ruler, Mars, will be in harmony with Uranus via your relationship sector which could, in turn, help you manifest a significant collaboration. Keep your eyes on the prize; success awaits you. Full Moon Reflection: Have your personal and professional successes provided you with the freedom you crave?

When you use your words and brilliant mind, you obtain the results you seek, Sagittarius. Luna will light up your curious third house of communication, thought process, immediate surroundings, and general exchanges, highlighting everything from your “skills” to your website’s new layout. Got your domain name? Themes of progress when it comes to your local community, social media platforms, and close peers are coming up for review during this time. Keep in mind, both Mercury and Mars will continue sizzling through your ambitious tenth house of career, authority, and reputation in the world, energizing and revitalizing your professional life. A harmonious trine between Mars and Uranus brings revolution and progress to your day-to-day lifestyle, and well being in general. Full Moon Reflection: What mindset, lifestyle and/or philosophy should be surrendered for your highest good?

Hard work brings progress, and you know this more than anyone, Capricorn. The full moon will touch down on your stability-seeking second house of comfort, finances, and value systems, bringing closure and clarity to this area of your life. Working hard for the money? Everything from your money-making abilities to your unconventional delights are being highlighted during this time. Meanwhile, a harmonious trine between Mercury-Mars and Uranus catapults you forward, reminding you of your unique authenticity, love language, and heart’s desires. What are you truly passionate about? Luna will conjunct Jupiter Retrograde and sit in close proximity with your planetary ruler, Saturn Retrograde, bringing forth the opportunity to expand, and work towards the abundance you desire. Full Moon Reflection: How can you integrate your experience and unique abilities with your sense of belonging in the world?

It isn’t over until it’s over, Aquarius. A full blue moon will touch down on your sign for a second time this month, shedding light on everything from your personal needs to your most recent accomplishments, but there’s more. Luna will not only conjunct Jupiter Retrograde, but also sit closely with Saturn Retrograde in your sign. Are you ready to step into your full authenticity? Keep in mind, with the sun activating your committed seventh house of significant others, your one-on-one connections are also being highlighted during this time. Moreover, a Grand Air trine featuring Venus, Saturn Rx, and the North Node inspires you to take a leap of faith, while Mercury-Mars in Virgo reminds you to prioritize your commitments. The foundation of your investments is undergoing a significant transformation. Full Moon Reflection: How can you integrate this new version of you into your partnerships, and worldly pursuits?

Prioritize your freedom, Pisces. Whether it be in terms of your faith or your life behind closed doors, it’s time to take a load off. (Really) For a second time this month, Luna will reach her peak of fullness via your secretive twelfth house of closure, dreams, hidden agendas, and unconscious realms, highlighting everything from spiritual themes to what needs to be released. If you’ve been overworking yourself or sacrificing yourself for the sake of another, it’s important to use your discernment when it comes to this situation. Keep in mind, both Mercury and Mars will ignite your committed seventh house of one-on-one connections, putting your union with a significant other under a microscope. Pay attention as this could, in turn, bring clarity, thanks to its trine to shocking Uranus. Full Moon Reflection: What part of you is ready to be fully embodied? Does something need to be released?

Valerie is an astrologer, writer and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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