Moon Musings: All About Mars Retrograde (June 26, 2018 - August 27, 2018)

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MARS RETROGRADE 2018: June 26, 2018 – August 27th, 2018

A powerful new trend in our lives begins as Mars, the planet of power, energy, sex, and momentum, turns retrograde (backwards) in the zodiac sign, Aquarius (9 degrees), on June 26th, 2018. It will finally return to direct motion on August 27th, 2018 in Capricorn (28 degrees). Because it will slide backwards into both of these signs, if you have Aquarius/Capricorn as your Sun sign or Ascendant, you will feel the “slow down” more intensely than all other signs. This is also true for Aries and Scorpio, as Mars is one of your rulers. Mars retrograde takes place once every 25 months for 80 days and is the second rarest of the retrogrades, after Venus. During Mars retrograde, fated events from destiny or the past often take place, particularly in relation to the areas that Mars rules.



In astrology, Mars is the “warrior planet” – the planet of outward activity, animal passion, and force: including our sex drive, passion, aggression, or anger. Mars rules action of all sorts – the fuel to start a project, the enthusiasm to pursue a career, the fire to be physically competitive, or the desire to chase a lover. In all of its positive attributes, Mars provides us with the strength and courage to grow and live fulfilling lives, but in its shadow aspects, it unleashes war, conflict, abuse, and violence. When Mars is direct and moving normally in the sky, we often see OUTWARD expressions of Mars’ power. Yet, when it is retrograde, its’ focus turns INWARD, and causes tension, frustration, and roadblocks. During these periods, we often feel sluggish, lack enthusiasm, and become lethargic. We may feel like we’re walking through sludge or quicksand. It is of utmost importance not to start anything new during a Mars Retrograde: anything that starts during this time will lose the energy/fuel/passion to continue later on. For instance, if you launch a business publicly during this time, you’ll look back months later and realize you’re burnt out and should’ve gone about it differently. Do not open your doors to your new business during this time. Another example I’ve seen is a best friend began dating “the love of her life” prior to the Mars Retrograde, but became official with him during the retrograde. Within six months, their sex life had faded and both were frustrated about their intimacy – so they ended up just breaking up. Don’t fall prey to these pitfalls. As a rule of thumb, it is good to go back to past things to fine-tune them during retrogrades. Reassess. Re-examine. Review. Re-start. You may be able to re-ignite a project, passion, or love affair from the past (particularly if there was a sexual component) during this time – but again, don’t become “official” until after Mars has returned to direct motion at the end of August/beginning of September.


During this particular Mars Retrograde period in 2018, there will be some significant aspects with Venus and Jupiter that enhance the internalized energy of Mars’s backwards movement. For a brief period of time, Venus will oppose Mars, causing our desire for intimacy and sexual contact to be increased. On a positive note, those with consensual sexual partners will enjoy this bought of passion, but in negative aspects, it could increase the aggression of very dominant personalities who may victimize more submissive types emotionally or physically. Be cautious, because you may be drawn to someone who you think is exactly your type initially – but it may turn out that they have some darker secrets beneath the mask. Mars will also square Jupiter for a period of time, causing fights or conflicts to come about, and amplify the already boiling sexual frustration. Choose your fights carefully. The best ways to focus this exaggerated energy are to not overexert yourself, relax, and spend time meditating or practicing yoga. Make sure not to lift things that may be too heavy or to push yourself too far in exercise. You may end up falling or hurting yourself rather than actually moving forward. The Universe is telling you to slow down, to relax, to look around at the world around you and assess how you’ve gotten to be here. Tie up any loose ends and ready yourself for the next step on your journey after Mars returns to normal flight.

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