How The Full Moon in Cancer (Dec. 26, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

How The Full Moon in Cancer (Dec. 26, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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The last full moon of 2023 is now approaching, and in none other than the sweet melancholy sign of Cancer. As if it happening towards the end of the year wasn’t already fitting enough, Luna will reach its peak of fullness—via 4 degrees of this cardinal water sign—the day after Christmas, December 26 at 7:33 p.m. ET to be exact. Whether you celebrate the holidays or simply make it a point to gather with your loved ones, this time of year never ceases to leave a lasting impression. Feelings are very much emphasized under this evocative lunation and for more reasons than one, so grab a tissue! It’s going to be waterworks.

The full moon phase marks a period of completion, celebration, and emotional fruition. This occurs when the sun sits directly across from the moon, which, in turn, pulls the ocean tides and the water (emotions) in our bodies rise, making us as emotional as ever. Btw, if just the thought of this is stressful, reflect on what’s inhibiting you from feeling your feelings fully. While there is no reason to fear this full moon, the energy of sentimental Cancer runs deep, as it is very much in tune with its emotional memories, both consciously and unconsciously. This is why the full moon is so illuminating; it highlights what we’ve yet to process emotionally.

On top of double-checking where this cardinal water sign lives in your birth chart—specifically, the astrological house(s) where it resides—think back to the new moon in Cancer that took place on July 17, 2023, and reflect on moon-ruled themes such as home, family, motherhood, nourishment, and your ancestral lineage. It’s important also to note that the moon comes out at night, which is symbolic of its divine feminine mystery and spiritual wisdom. Cancerian energy isn’t necessarily tangible in the sense that you may not be able to put your finger on it. It’s visceral, intuitive, and emotionally charged.

This lunation encourages you to feel safe and authentic in your heart space. Allow feelings to resurface as they contribute to your spiritual healing. The Cancer-Capricorn axis has everything to do with where you come from, your connection to home and family, or the lack thereof. Luna will be making a harmonious sextile to Jupiter retrograde in Taurus (before it stations direct on Dec. 30, 2023). This, in turn, presents you with an opportunity to honor and celebrate how far you’ve come in your emotional journey, if not with regard to home and family. Trusting what you’re feeling is also key, as you could see something in a new light.

Patterns from your past, whether emotionally or when it comes to family dynamics, are also likely to resurface. This is where Jupiter supports your decision, to be honest and comfortable with what you’ve experienced and are perhaps ready to release. Jupiter is also in harmony with the sun (and will form an exact trine on Dec. 27), reminding you of your values, traditions, and personal belief systems. Taskmaster Saturn is also in the mix, as it will trine the moon and form a sextile to Jupiter retrograde and the sun. This brings emphasis to the stability, responsibility, and reality of your personal journey. 

What are you ready to commit to? Your spirituality and strength are more abundant than you realize. This offers a chance to reflect and recalibrate in order to feel grounded in our emotional reality. The influence of Saturn and Jupiter Rx can also be reassuring and validating for your journey and the spiritual lessons you’ve endured. Capricorn/Saturnian energies influence this lunation, which could have something to do with your paternal side if not the structure of your family unit. Feelings are impossible to ignore under this full moon, whether it be joy and/or sorrow, and that’s OK. Make peace with your past experiences, and celebrate both the growth and the journey.

On the dark side, Mercury retrograde will conjunct Mars in Sagittarius, which can be the root of delays, misunderstandings, and general irritability. You’ll want to be mindful of your exchanges and delivery, as what you consider brutally honest could be incredibly triggering to someone around you.

In the meantime, be sure to read on for your full moon in Cancer horoscope and reflection:

Emotions are running high this holiday season, but there’s no reason to be discouraged. On the contrary, the moon will charge up your emotionally driven fourth house of home, family dynamics, and emotional foundations, which could trigger an influx of feelings, if not bring something pivotal in your personal life full circle. Your celestial ruler, Mars, will be close to Mercury retrograde, which can cause petty conflict or result in irritability, likely due to a disagreement in belief systems. Reflection: Are there fears or resentments you're ready to let go of? Are you grounded in your personal space and in your commitment to family values?

If your immediate exchanges and conversations are more emotional than usual, it’s not a coincidence. This full moon is igniting your third house of siblings, neighbors, and local community, all while in harmony with Jupiter in your sign. Your perception of someone familiar could have recently changed, and you could be vocalizing this to people in your immediate environment. However, you may also feel the need to tip-toe around specific topics, as a belief system or conflicting point of view could be especially triggering in the process. Reflection: In what ways have your belief systems transformed concerning your inner circle? Do you feel at ease inviting them into your personal space?

Your perception of safety and security is under the spotlight of December’s full moon, as it will ignite your stability-seeking second house of finances, creature comforts, and value systems. The influence of bountiful Jupiter contributes to a sense of spiritual fulfillment you’re currently experiencing, perhaps when it comes to your sense of authority, if not your relationship with a parent or authority figure. If you find yourself bickering with a significant other, if not in conflict about a belief system, try to be mindful of your communication style, as your celestial ruler is retrograde and sitting next to Mars. Reflection: In what ways has your sense of authority upheld your personal values? Reflecting on past experiences, how has your perspective evolved over time? 

Happy full moon, Cancer! When you know who you are, everything makes sense. This is especially significant to consider under this lunation, as you are likely coming to terms with everything from your past to the future fulfillment you crave. Themes of home, family, and forgiveness are inevitable with the moon peaking in your name, and though confronting outdated perceptions of those around you is easier said than done, you’re simultaneously healing the parts of yourself you may have once denied. A newfound comfort and belief system is now available to you, but don’t forget to celebrate all your work and how far you’ve come to obtain it. Reflection: Do the narratives you construct about your past align with the person you have evolved into? In what ways have you experienced spiritual and emotional growth?

Give yourself grace, Leo. The past is in the past, but December’s full moon in Cancer is bringing some of these repressed emotions and energies to the forefront. Everything happens for a reason, and when considering the fact that the full moon is touching down on your 12th house of surrender, coping mechanisms, and unconscious patterns, you could simultaneously come to terms with what you’ve been going out of your way to avoid at all costs. If you’re especially sensitive to themes surrounding parents, parenting or your reputation in the world, it’s like due to Mercury retrograde in conjunction with Mars. Don’t be so hard on yourself; the journey has ups and downs. Reflection: Are you grappling with the concept of forgiveness? Is there an obstacle preventing you from embracing your sense of authority?

Gathering with your loved ones for the holiday season? It’s all very fitting with the full moon touching down on your 11th house of associations, community affairs, and sense of belonging in the world, but in addition to your full-circle moment, it’s important to hold space for your personal growth. This is especially true with the moon’s sextile to Jupiter because everything from your family values to your perception of security has evolved tremendously this past year, and many of you are finally finding comfort in this new reality. Setting boundaries in your relationships has also been integral to your growth, so pat yourself on the back for following through with your commitments. Reflection: What developments have transpired within your family dynamics? Can this evolution be attributed to the adoption of a newly established value system?

Parental figures could be of greater prominence under December’s full moon in Cancer, as it will charge up your 10th house of authority, superiors, and legacy in the world. However, when reflecting on the value of your traditions—specifically when it comes to your intimate exchanges—how have you changed the narrative? If not, is there something you’re looking to transform? If this revolves around finances or career matters, you’re likely being more discerning with your investments, even if that means making sacrifices in your daily life. Health matters could also come into play, which, in turn, urges you to be gentle with yourself despite the desire to give something or someone your all. Reflection: What new traditions are you looking forward to creating? How has your role as an authority figure transformed?

How do you feel when looking towards the horizon and pondering about the future, Scorpio? Do you feel safe and secure in your current reality? With the moon reaching its peak of fullness via your sister sign, Cancer, there is emphasis and clarity coming to you, specifically when regarding your ninth house of wisdom, travel, belief systems, and unknown territory. Your beliefs around family relationships could be transforming in a powerful way, and you’re likely seeing this unfold as we speak. Reflection: Does your inner child feel nourished or neglected? What have you discovered about your home and family life?

If you’re in your feelings, you’re not alone, Sagittarius. December’s full moon is both cathartic and emotionally charged, and with it reaching its peak via your eighth house of intimacy, transformation, and psychological motivations, you’re more likely to experience this intensity firsthand. The logistics surrounding your home and family could be brought to the forefront at this time, which can, in turn, shed light upon what genuinely matters to you. There’s no such thing as perfect, but know that everything from the boundaries you’ve set to the work you’ve put in will be worth it in the long term. Reflection: Are you staying true to yourself and acknowledging your deepest emotions? Are you open and willing to share these parts of yourself with a significant other?

Your personal commitments are at the forefront of this lunation, as it will touch down on your seventh house of agreements, compromises, and significant others. This could revolve around a celebration or passion project, if not the desire to conceive. In any event, you’re being encouraged to address this with your immediate family, even if that consists of you asking for their support, if not setting clear boundaries beforehand. Be discerning with your conversations, too, as you could unintentionally relay information you may regret later. If this has to do with a belief system or a tradition of sorts, don’t put all of the responsibilities on your shoulders. Reflection: What changes have occurred in your personal relationships? Do you find ease in your authentic truth and expressing your needs?

Not all money is good, especially when the place you reside in doesn’t feel like home, Aquarius. For some of you, December’s full moon could bring clarity around a potential career change, if not the need to relocate for the sake of your professional life. However, with the moon peaking in Cancer via your sixth house of daily rituals, health habits, and acts of service, it’s important to reflect on whether this commitment truly aligns with your sense of security and value systems. Others of you could be focusing on your well-being at this time, if not making it a point to take care of an elder in your family. Reflection: Does your daily routine provide emotional nourishment and fulfillment? Are you maintaining a balance of productivity in both your personal and professional spheres?

Celebrate the love within and all around you, Pisces. There’s so much to be grateful for, and December’s full moon in Cancer is urging you to open your heart and be present in the moment. Whether personally or creatively speaking, the full moon will activate your fifth house of children, self-expression, and passion projects. When was the last time you pat yourself on the back or simply felt the desire to celebrate your wins? You’re gaining newfound wisdom and clarity, specifically when it comes to your immediate surroundings and perception of those around you. Reflection: How can you incorporate your recently acquired values into your self-expression and passion projects? What aspects are coming full circle for you in relation to your heart space?


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