Birthday Astrology: How To Predict Your Coming Year (Pt 1)

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People become interested in astrology for many reasons, but often to peer beyond the veil to learn something secret, different, almost divine. Sometimes that is to find love compatibility (how many times have you looked up a crush’s sign in hopes that it’ll say that you’re a match made in Heaven?) or to see why your life might be tearing at the seams (the planets aren’t out to mess up your vibe just because it’s fun, I promise). Other times it’s to plan ahead, such as when the next Mercury retrograde is coming (a collective groan is always heard), or when is a good time to start looking for a whole new job and escape that awful boss. Ultimately, though, astrology is a tool for planning and forecasting by looking at the key elements at play in the sky. That is why we lay intentions at very specific times, particularly New Moons.



Want to get a glimpse into what lies ahead for your coming year? This is a complicated art that astrologers take decades to study, but with this quick and easy guide, you can look at the phase of the Moon to see what cycle your life will be taking in the coming year. The Solar Return is the time that the Sun completely passes the exact spot that it was at the moment you were born. Look at your birthday this year, and then note the stage of the Moon. You can easily look this up by Googling "Lunar Phase Calendar" online, or try this handy link here.





Like everything in astrology, it is all about timing and patterns. The Moon rules our emotions, the tides, and affects all life on Earth. The Moon has several key phases, which determine what affect it is taking on our lives. By looking at how close your birthday is to one of these phases, the stronger the affect will take hold.




New Moons are times when everything is beginning astrologically and where we set intentions and begin new ventures. Anything that starts on a New Moon has longevity bred into its bones. The closer you take action to the New Moon, the greater affect it will have. That is why it is always wise to send out resumes, ask someone out on a first date, or take a chance on a New Moon because the odds to begin something are in your favor. If your birthday falls on a New Moon or 2 days before or 4 days after, the coming year is going to be one of massive new beginnings for you. You will be planting big seeds and laying the foundation for bigger and better experiences ahead. You may feel motivated to try new things and you will notice very significant new relationships are coming into your life. You will suddenly notice that everything around you has an invigorated energy as you will be leaping into new territory this coming year. Your ability to create and manifest a whole new life will be very strong. You may not see culminations yet, but the actions you take in the coming year will be setting up the entire next chapter of your life. For instance, people that have a birthday on a New Moon tend to launch new projects, start long-term relationships, and move physically (or internally) to a whole new level. Be excited. By the time that your Solar Return comes back the following year, you will look around and realize that your entire life is very much different.




The First Quarter Moon falls about one week after the New Moon. If your birthday falls around this time (2 days before or 4 days after), you will also be feeling the effects of the New Moon for the year ahead. However, the focus of your year will be more on working hard to achieve your goals or building the things going on in your life, and buckling down to enhance your foundation. You will be preparing for a “full bloom moment,” where all of your final pieces are starting to come together in order for you to receive culminations in your relationships, projects, and intentions. By the time that your Solar Return comes back the following year, you will look around and realize that you’ve put in the hard work and taken chances, which have taken your life to the next level.



The Full Moon is always a time when things are in full bloom and reaching culminations. Big breakthroughs, endings, and transformations take place at the Full Moon. We see people more emotional and more energized during these times, as well. If your birthday falls 3 days prior to the Full Moon or 3 days after, this coming year ahead will be filled with rewards and major culminations. The work you have been putting in over the last few years will finally be paying off. You’ll be seeing exactly how well your plans had been put into effect, as well as reaping prizes for everything you’ve taken the time to build. This could be a year where you take the next step in your closest relationships or see a breakthrough in work. It also could be a time where you are making huge life changes, like buying a house, having a baby, or stepping into the public eye. Anything that has been dear to your heart will be in your grasp now, so call upon the Universe, set your eyes on the prize, and welcome the crown in. By the time that your Solar Return comes back the following year, you will look around and realize that you’ve achieved or reached the next stage in your development and are finally ready to tie up those ends and start a whole new chapter of beginnings.




The Last Quarter Moon is an important time and falls about one week after the Full Moon. If your birthday falls 2 days prior or 4 days after, you will notice these effects quite greatly. Not only will you be feeling some of the effects of the Full Moon, as listed above, but you’ll be more focused on tying up all of your loose ends because you’re ready for something new to come into being. This is a time when you can feel that you’re ready for a change and that you can sense the change coming. However, in order to get there, you’ve got to figure some things out, lay those things from the past to rest, and shed them before you are ready to fully begin anew. Your intuition and foresight will be heightened during this coming year because you can tangibly feel the past but already feel the future offering it’s hand to you, as well. The future is tempting you to new and greater adventures. By the time that your Solar Return comes back the following year, you will look around and realize that you’ve released many of the things that were needed to move forward and you finally are ready to step into your next chapter.


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