A Quick Mercury Retrograde Guide for March 22 - April 15, 2018

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Mercury Retrograde begins on March 22nd, 2018 and ends on April 15th, 2018.

WHAT IS IT? A retrograde occurs when a planet seems to be moving backwards in the sky, from our vantage point on Earth. Planets don’t actually move backwards, but this optical illusion does have mysterious and powerful effects here on Earth. Mercury turns retrograde more often than any other planet, usually about 3-4 times per year, and lasts for several weeks. When a planet retrogrades, the things that the planet rules tend to go awry and be thrown off, as well as whatever is ruled by the sign that it is retrograding within. We also tend to revisit the past and have people, events, and unresolved situations from before return to present themselves for closure or to begin anew. When retrogrades occur, we must REVIEW, REVISIT, and REFLECT.



This March and April 2018, Mercury Retrograde takes place entirely within Aries. Aries is a sign of the pioneer, new projects, new relationships, and new horizons. Aries rules competition, advancement, leadership, and masculinity. People with strong Aries energy in their charts often see success in business and life through sheer force of will. With that in mind, “advancement” will be difficult for people during this retrograde. For instance, we may be prone to being overly impulsive, sexual, or fiery, or the exact opposite: withdrawn, pessimistic, and melancholy. It is likely people are going to over-exert themselves and “burn out.” This is one of the drawbacks with Aries energy – by putting all of their focus and drive into one thing, they burn out before they can reach the finish line because they’ve forgotten to rest, recharge, and emphasize self-care.

This is an excellent time to clear mental blocks, reset your plans for the year, and assess your strategy in what you are seeking to “conquest” this year. Want to see your career rise to higher levels? Want to become a better partner to your lover or grow into the kind of person that’ll attract your soul mate? Want to strike out on your own and emphasize your diet and fitness? Make a list of tangible actions you can make that will allow you to reach these goals in a step-by-step process rather than just building fantasies up in the sky. Then, when the retrograde is over, launch your plans into action!



Mercury Retrograde comes in phases and has both a “shadow period” and a “storm period.” The shadow period starts when Mercury hits the point in the zodiac that it’ll turn direct at, and it ends when it last hits the point in the zodiac it will turn retrograde at. People don’t tend to feel the effects of Mercury Retrograde until it enters the storm period though. The storm period of Mercury Retrograde is when Mercury is moving at its slowest, and this creates havoc because Mercury moves the fastest of all the planets and is thrown off when he is moving slowly. We always have two storm periods -- one around the time Mercury turns retrograde, and one when it turns direct once again.


In general, Mercury Retrograde tends to cause problems in all sorts of communication or technology. Mercury rules the mind, business, and communication of all sorts. It is crucial not to sign paperwork, make agreements, or start new relationships (in business or love), because if you do, when Mercury returns to normal orbit, it is going to become clear that whatever foundation the agreement was made upon, it wasn’t what you (or the other person) thought it was. For instance, I once started a job that I thought was going to be a major step up for me and provide me huge opportunities and amplify my finances. I accepted the job during Mercury Retrograde. I then started, and it was immediately clear that this was a job from hell! Sadly, I was trapped in the job for months and every single thing I had originally hoped for with the job fell through. Another example would be that I once met someone I instantly connected with romantically – we even talked about being soul mates and everything was completely in sync. How on Earth had I found true love out of the blue and so purely? We had met during Mercury Retrograde and began dating in a whirlwind romance. However, when the retrograde ended, it became clear that we weren’t on the same page – we wanted different things and couldn’t come to terms. These are two horror stories I hope keep you from making the same mistakes I did.


If you are returning to a project, event, or relationship from the past, this is a good time to do so. Reach out to old contacts, old lovers, old friends, old business associates, old bosses, and people you may have lost touch with if there is something to salvage. This rare window of time allows truths from the past to be unearthed so we can bring them into the present or find a way to fully resolve them and let them go. We cannot move into the future if the past is holding us back, so use this time to review and reflect. If the timing is right, it is also a good time to RE-START. Spend this time turning within to examine your subconscious and lie low. This is also an excellent time for meditation and spirituality of all kinds. If you absolutely MUST start a new job or relationship, take it slowly or read the fine print. If you can wait until after the retrograde is done, do so.



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