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The Empath's Journey (Digital Guide)

The Empath's Journey (Digital Guide)


An Empowering Guide for the Emotionally Intuitive by Leah Moth

"Embark on your personal path of introspection and illumination and invoke the healer within." 

The Empath's Journey is a collection of teachings centered on supporting the emotionally intuitive.  This guide offers tools and insight for those with a sensitive nature to fully step into their power.  Learn how to create energetic boundaries, work with herbs, crystals, and healing modalities to nourish the spirit, and soothe your emotions through awakening your intuition.

With over 35 pages of valuable insights and interactive lessons (journal prompts, exercises, quizzes) on the ways of the Empath, this beautifully written guide is a rich resource for gently immersing yourself in your empathic gifts and deepening the connection with the self as you learn:

 How To Claim the Title of Empath
☽ Identifying Areas of Sensitivity 
☽ Steps to Set Boundaries 
☽ Tools for Empaths (chakras, crystals, herbs, color magic, & more)
☽ Creating Your Own Empath Toolkit
☽ Rituals & Recipes for Empaths
☽ Healing Modalities for Empaths

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