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Dreamcatcher Collection - Protection
Dreamcatcher Collection - Protection
Dreamcatcher Collection - Protection
Dreamcatcher Collection - Protection
Dreamcatcher Collection - Protection

Dreamcatcher Collection - Protection


"Just as your horizons expand, so must your boundaries. Clear lines will point you to a clear and protected path."


PROTECTION DREAMCATCHER | Knowing your boundaries and how much to let in are an important part of developing clarity. Find both attributes of this Yang energy within this dreamcatcher, to see clearly and safely. Draped in natural white cotton, this illuminating and interactive piece features the light side of a crescent moon with a detachable black tourmaline centerpiece -- perfect for repelling negative energies. Finished off with pheasant feathers and the artist's signature spider charm accent, this piece also includes an herbal satchel of dried bay leaves to aid protection even further.  

USE FOR | This piece brings a grounding and anchoring energy to any space. For those of you looking to find your boundaries clearly marked on your path through expansion, this dream catcher is created with safety and clarity in mind. 

Meant to complement Intuition (black crescent) Dreamcatcher.

 10” diameter
 Brass metal ring
 Wrapped in 100% cotton
 Black tourmaline: 1-2"
☽ Total length: 28" from top of ring to end of tails 12"
 Tail length: 12"
 Herbal satchel with dried bay leaves & string

**Instructions & tips on use will be sent via email 24-48 hours after purchase. Please allow 3-4 days of processing time for this item, as we want to perfectly (and safely) pack it up for you, which takes time! We are excited for four lucky people to bring these home. 


A SPECIAL COLLECTION Traditionally, a dream catcher is meant to capture bad dreams at night and burn them up in the morning sun -- but with this unique collection, the magic is taken a step further.  These one-of-a-kind, intention focused dreamcatchers were soulfully crafted not only to banish bad dreams, but to allow exploration of the deeper meaning behind all dreams and the intentions we seek to manifest for our own understanding, learning, and expansion. Using only natural cotton fiber and sustainably/locally sourced materials, experience a new way to awaken & travel gently, in light and in shadow.

ABOUT THE ARTIST | Melody Sample was born in the Catskills region of upstate New York and is a passionate student of the dream world, as well as an active servant to all things rope - Shibari, dreamcatchers, sailing, and instillations. Her work here focuses on Love, Lucidity, Intuition and Protection. This limited collection was entirely handcrafted with full respect to the origins and traditions of dreamcatchers while honoring and recognizing their usage as a spiritual tool, not merely decor.