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Leo Nail Polish
Leo Nail Polish
Leo Nail Polish
Leo Tiger's Eye nail polish model
Leo Tiger's Eye nail polish
Leo Tiger's Eye nail polish
Leo Nail Polish

Leo Nail Polish


Mystic Mani | Leo + Tiger's Eye

Warmth and royalty combine in this luscious red wine shade, fit for a King or Queen. Made for the bright, ambitious, and generous Lion, this crystal-infused polish contains micronized tiger's eye to energetically support Leo. A stone of integrity and willpower, tiger's eye embodies the benevolent spirit of Leo while encouraging constructive manifestation (self-empowerment vs. power over others). It also helps Leo draw upon their inner strength as they bring their creative visions to life.

This shade is perfect for anyone with a sun, moon, rising, or Venus in Leo. We highly recommend checking the shades for all of these placements to see what resonates most with you. 


  • 15ml bottle 
  • 5-free formula (no Formaldehyde/Resin, Toluene, DBP & Camphor)
  • Vegan + cruelty-free 
  • Made in the US

How to use: 

  • Focus on your desired intention and meditate with bottle in hand for 1 min
  • Shake bottle upside down vigorously to activate crystals (crystals tend to settle at bottom and formula may separate during shipping; this is normal)
  • With your intention still in mind, apply 2 coats of polish, allowing them to fully dry in between, and seal with a clear top coat of your choosing for best results 
  • Whenever you see your polish, be reminded of the intentions that you've set!